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Kiss_ and_MakeupShiny Media’s beauty blog is edited by Zara Rabinowitz, this month we were honored by her review on Kiss and Makeup TV of our Citrus Punch Lip Balm and you can find all that Zara had to say in this charming piece.

Tampa Bay Press Pin Up Lip BalmThe soothing scent of coconut can be hailed as a summer favorite, for some spoiled beauty lovers we get to enjoy it all year round. Read more about The Boys Love Coconut Lip Balm in this summer article in the Tampa Bay Press.

That’s what Elle - Sweden has crowned Pin Up Balms - “A Little Box of Sunshine”, and we couldn’t agree with you more Elle! Pin up Lip Balms make us smile while providing tip top lip nourishment.

A Day Care life loves Pin Up Lip BalmHeather recently reviewed Love that Lemonade! Pin up Lip Balm and our Voluptuous Vanilla. We just love reading from our fans that they love the way our balms make their lips feel. We want to give you the very best without breaking the bank. Read more on Heather’s thoughts about her Pin Up Balm picks.

Para Pin Up Lip BalmAna of Prendadas who has actually never spoke of cosmetic products on her blog broke all the rules with Pin Up Balms. Fused by Andre Montejorge and his Legaus Well Blog, read the wonderful review by Ana. P.S.  Ana we’re working very hard with our distribution team to get Pin-up to Brazil pronto. Obrigado Ana!

Mom finds lip balmMomAnne noted Pin Up Lip Balms as a “flavorful lip balm under $5.00 worth trying”. Read more on which lip balm is her favorite flavor!