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All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

The Pin Up Balm Holiday Collection -
All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Holiday Retro Flair

Tis the Season for kissable lips. The Pin-up Holiday Collection featuring our holiday flavor line of all natural lip balms are hot and ready to go.

The spectacular Holiday trio set of moisturizing lip balms includes: Gingerbread Cookie, Peppermint Twist and our new Ambassador ’s Eggnog Cocktail. All three lip balms come in our collector keepsake slide top tin packed in a signature holiday box. This set is a great stocking stuffer, mistletoe included!

Pin Up Balms is a sensational treat for the lips and a feast for the eyes. Made with all natural ingredients, these lip balms are a pleasure to use, and the tins are made to be seen! Cruelty free and not tested on animals, these balms are formulated to help soothe tender lip skin, and come in a convenient slide top tin. Available in over 40 fabulous flavors that you are sure to love!

Raspberry Rapture, Love that Lemonade!, The Boys Love Coconut, Voluptuos Vanilla, Gimme Grape, Peppermint Twist - our Holiday Flavor, Mocha Loca Chocolata, & much much more.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Apricot Kernal Oil, Vitamin E and Flavor.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Love that Lemonade Lip BalmPin Up Balms are packed with avocado oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E, providing every Pin Up girl with top-rate lip nourishment. With many flavors to choose from, there’s one to suit all moods. At one time or another you will experience chapped lips. Trust me, dry, cracked lips are no picnic, it interferes with all those simple activities that we take for granted such as smiling, kissing, eating and talking.

There are several known causes for chapped, dry lips:

  • Over-exposure to wind, sun, and cold, dry air
  • Colds
  • It might be due to certain medications
  • LL Cool J makes it look good but a habit of frequently licking your lips can be a direct cause of dry chapped lips
  • Dehydration - are you getting enough water?

It has been our experience that our use of avocado oil and natural ingredients found in Pin Up Lip Balm can treat and/or prevent chapped lips. We have recently added a natural sunscreen formula which helps combat sun exposure. You won’t know until you try and in case your wondering, yes Virginia, The Boys Do Love Coconut!


Meredith Cornwall of Stylefeeder hit the mark when she says:

Pin Up Lip Balms are super cute and would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.

We most definitely agree that our Holiday Trio - named Santa Baby features three of our Holiday Lip Balms in a two-piece gift tin, perfect for gift giving this holiday!

instyleRaspberry Rapture and Love that Lemonade! Pin Up Balms were featured in the top shopping store brands exclusive - Hot Sites. Thank you to noted fashion photographers Billy Burnett - Meme Foto and Ted Morrison for always making our products look as good as they are!

Zeberka Pin up BalmsI love the Zeberka logo, Zebra lips are very very cool, now only if I could create a lip balm, natural of course tht could emulate this very logo, now that would be stupendous. Our fan base has now reached Poland and we are just thrilled with all of the love that we are getting - please don’t stop loving our lip balms!

Lip Gloss and LaptopsEpisode #113 - Lip Balms, Bath Bombs feature two of my favorite beauty products.  This blog and podcast about beauty culture, products and the cosmetic industry is so well done that it was a real honor to be mentioned in this week’s episode.

The audio is available for download so head on over and listen as Kerry Anne gives you the 411 on what’s happening in the world of beauty.

Organic Beauty ExpertHailed the Pin up balm diva by the Queen of Organic Beauty Expert Andrea Kane. You will always get the real with Andrea, I have been a fan for years and even enrolled in a class that Andrea was teaching on making natural cosmetics.  Andrea knows and her stuff and it’s awesome to find someone to share her knowledge and experiences.  Read how we in Brooklyn do - can’t stop, won’t stop.

Kosmetomani - Pin Up Girl StyleKosmetomania agrees that what is old is new again as fashion returns to retro! Pin up Girls style is synonymous with vintage, classics as far as the 60’s.

We’ve seen this cult fan base extend itself well into the millennium with a little help from Dita Von Teese and Kat Von D (love the piano skills - girlfriend) and brace yourselves, it’s not going away.

Kiss and Makeup with Pin up Lip Balms Shiny Media’s beauty blog, edited by Zara Rabinowicz with contributions from beauty experts. Kiss and Makeup is a great blog for beauty junkies and product fiends worldwide. It specializes in short but informative product reviews, video how-to content, product news and price watch features.

Zara had been checking out Citrus Punch, a tangy lemony flavour that nourishes the lips and adds a hint of shimmer, read her review about our Citrus Punch Pin up Lip Balm.

Aemaendea - Pin up balm SunshineAemaendea’s Facebook is just as fabulous as her recommendation of Pin up Lip balm’s Mocha Loca Chocolata.  Read Aemandea’s personal review of our Choco inspired lip balm.

Habitat for Humanity Power Women Power ToolsThe Hollywood Habitat for Humanity held its 4th annual Power Women Power Tools on July 18th & 19th. The ladies traded in heels for hammers and set out to build 3 homes in the City of Lynwood. “Habitat for Humanity has always held special place in my heart, even moreso with the recent devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans,” says owner Henriette Burbank.

“My husband is a New Orleans native and our family in New Orleans lost everything, I mean everything.” Through it all, there is faith, and there is strength, and no one exemplifies this more than our 87-year old Maw Maw, Mrs. Lydia Cecile Broyard who has chosen to rebuild.

I know what the devoted, selfless volunteers that donate their time in service of Habitat for Humanity have done for the communities in and around New Orleans.  Being a gift bag sponsor came easy.  There was no question or doubt that if I couldn’t pick up a hammer and join them, I was going to do something.  In French we say, L’union fait la force - and that couldn’t be more true of the spirit of Habitat for Humanity.

Stylehive Design Contest WinnerThe Pin-up girl super sentimental to Lisa Kline, and this is where the love story begins.  Pin up submitted their line for the Designer Contest at Stylehive and no one could have been more surprised when Chris Kensler AKA Spellingbee at Hivedaily - the Stylehive blog contacted Henriette to tell her personally that she had indeed won the contest.  “I am soooooo glad that Chris K. and I were communicating through Blackberrys, I would have screamed his ear off (grinning ear to ear), this is truly an honor.  It’s really one thing to work hard and take pride in the product that you design but to be crowned by the Queen, Lisa Kline, herself is truly an honor.  We at Pin up are really looking forward to all the great opportunities that lie ahead for us, this is only the beginning!” says Henriette Burbank.

NeatoStuffNeatostuff recently hailed Pin Up Balm as “Awesome retro designs and quality lip balm”. is a great place to find, “Neat Stuff”, I’ve actually got my eye on NYC’s Subway Line’s All Over Brooklyn Subway Map Hoodie (Sold out - need I say more?) - sorry gotta represent Brooklyn, Brooklyn - Always Funky Presh! So, needless to say we are honored to accept’s entry into their collection.

TarametblogTara’s blog has been hailed by the Weblog Review as “easy, light and a refreshing voice in the over populated blogging world”.  We couldn’t agree with them more!  Tara was recently the star of her wedding shower with the Sex and the City themed Bridal Shower.  Tara and the girls had a fabulous time and be sure to check out this entry on how to really throw a themed bridal shower.