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All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

Lip Gloss and LaptopsEpisode #113 - Lip Balms, Bath Bombs feature two of my favorite beauty products.  This blog and podcast about beauty culture, products and the cosmetic industry is so well done that it was a real honor to be mentioned in this week’s episode.

The audio is available for download so head on over and listen as Kerry Anne gives you the 411 on what’s happening in the world of beauty.

Alicia's Fashion BloggAlicia’s fashion calls our pin-up lip balms - “sweeet boxes”.  Thank you for the love for Pin Up Lip Balm Sweden!

Little PeacheSweden can’t get enough of Pin up Balms and neither can Little Peache. So far the lip balms have been making their way around the Swedish retail market and can be found at Sivletto, and Elle Sweden recently featured them in the Beauty section. Thank you Sweden!

Posh TidbitsPosh Tidbits, sister site to Posh Mama is your source for Hip Posh Mama Boutiques & More.  But did I fail to mention that you do not have to be a Mom per se to be a Posh Mama.  The community is a wonderful place to surf for upbeat, fab tips for women from all walks of life.

People Magazine Style WatchOur Stylewatch friends at definitely know something good when they see it and they love trying anything that can pretty up that pout with a little sass.  Bella Sugar passed on the tip and we can all agree that although some may have made the lip balm nothing very fabulous we have made it downright glamorous.