Pin-up Lip Balm - Simply Fabulous

All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

Elfinha - Pin up Lip BalmDafne’s pin up shots look simply fabulous. Kitana and Dafne had a fun-filled day of Pin- up Style hair-do’s and makeup which embodies the fierceness that we want all of our fans to achieve. The confidence to be who you are with no excuses or reservations.

We absolutely love the after photos and congratulate them both on a job well done!

Para Pin Up Lip BalmAna of Prendadas who has actually never spoke of cosmetic products on her blog broke all the rules with Pin Up Balms. Fused by Andre Montejorge and his Legaus Well Blog, read the wonderful review by Ana. P.S.  Ana we’re working very hard with our distribution team to get Pin-up to Brazil pronto. Obrigado Ana!

Bem Legaus y Pin UpAndre knows something bueno when he sees it and recommends Pin Up Balm not only for its effectiveness as a moisturizing lip balm but a pin-up collectors dream. Muito obrigado pelas suas gentis palavras, Andre, que s

Femenino Pin Up Lip BalmPin-up Lip Balm definitely adds a little sass with class not only with our pin-up packaging but we hope you feel as sexy as packaging is because that’s what our goal is!  Bringing you all-natural lip care with glamorous retro flair.  Femenino believes that we have accomplished this, read what they have to say about Pin-up lip balms.

Caminetica loves Pin up Lip BalmCamionetica loves Pin up Balms vintage design and sensuality that it brings to the lips, as well as the great kisses you can get with our wonderful assortment of flavors. Gracias Camionetica!