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All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

Gayot - the Guide to the Good Life Gayot’s guide to the good like now includes Pin up lip balm. They loved our “fierce femme flavor” and wished our spa product junkies “luck in resisting the temptation to collect them all”.  We agree that we didn’t sacrifice form over function, slide the top on our retro top tin to reveal our all-natural moisturizing balm.

The Pin-up Diaries We love Retro model Sari - the German pin-up girl and and we felt the love back in this latest entry in The Pin-up Diaries.

Zeberka Pin up BalmsI love the Zeberka logo, Zebra lips are very very cool, now only if I could create a lip balm, natural of course tht could emulate this very logo, now that would be stupendous. Our fan base has now reached Poland and we are just thrilled with all of the love that we are getting - please don’t stop loving our lip balms!

Organic Beauty ExpertHailed the Pin up balm diva by the Queen of Organic Beauty Expert Andrea Kane. You will always get the real with Andrea, I have been a fan for years and even enrolled in a class that Andrea was teaching on making natural cosmetics.  Andrea knows and her stuff and it’s awesome to find someone to share her knowledge and experiences.  Read how we in Brooklyn do - can’t stop, won’t stop.

Stylehive Design Contest WinnerThe Pin-up girl super sentimental to Lisa Kline, and this is where the love story begins.  Pin up submitted their line for the Designer Contest at Stylehive and no one could have been more surprised when Chris Kensler AKA Spellingbee at Hivedaily - the Stylehive blog contacted Henriette to tell her personally that she had indeed won the contest.  “I am soooooo glad that Chris K. and I were communicating through Blackberrys, I would have screamed his ear off (grinning ear to ear), this is truly an honor.  It’s really one thing to work hard and take pride in the product that you design but to be crowned by the Queen, Lisa Kline, herself is truly an honor.  We at Pin up are really looking forward to all the great opportunities that lie ahead for us, this is only the beginning!” says Henriette Burbank.

TarametblogTara’s blog has been hailed by the Weblog Review as “easy, light and a refreshing voice in the over populated blogging world”.  We couldn’t agree with them more!  Tara was recently the star of her wedding shower with the Sex and the City themed Bridal Shower.  Tara and the girls had a fabulous time and be sure to check out this entry on how to really throw a themed bridal shower.

Blooming LilyBlooming Lily is a great blog where Laurie Warshawsky’s gives us today’s lowdown on beauty, fashion and jewelry. It truly reflects editorial savy on some great products including our very own Pin Up Balms. Laurie is addicted to lip balms - we love that - and has officially named Pin up Balms “one of her new favorites!” we love that too!”

Alicia's Fashion BloggAlicia’s fashion calls our pin-up lip balms - “sweeet boxes”.  Thank you for the love for Pin Up Lip Balm Sweden!

Bem Legaus y Pin UpAndre knows something bueno when he sees it and recommends Pin Up Balm not only for its effectiveness as a moisturizing lip balm but a pin-up collectors dream. Muito obrigado pelas suas gentis palavras, Andre, que s

Caminetica loves Pin up Lip BalmCamionetica loves Pin up Balms vintage design and sensuality that it brings to the lips, as well as the great kisses you can get with our wonderful assortment of flavors. Gracias Camionetica!

Indie ShoppingShop outside the mainstream with Indie Shopping, it is indeed a great pleasure to e listed in this magazine-style website whose mission is to spread the word - word up about emerging and independent designers. Their tops in the indie fashion industry.

Beautyhype pin up lip treatBeautyhype is a great site from the same team that brought you Groove Effect. Read their take on Pin up Lip Balm as a “sexy little retro treate”.

iVillage Restore Winter lipsiVillage gives you its premium wrap-up for great tips for the New Year. Make your smooth resolution this year with our Pin Up Lip Balms, available in a variety of natural flavors, we’re sure you’ll find one, or two to fit your mood.

Retro pin up lip balmRead sandielaw’s recommendation of Pin up Lip Balm which make them a “must have”!

Petite FashionistaChrista Jean the editor of Petite Fashionista can attest that our petite balms pack a big punch. Be sure to cruise on over to to read about her fabulous recommenation of Pin Up Lip Balm.