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All Natural Lip Care with Glamorous Retro Flair

Zeberka Pin up BalmsI love the Zeberka logo, Zebra lips are very very cool, now only if I could create a lip balm, natural of course tht could emulate this very logo, now that would be stupendous. Our fan base has now reached Poland and we are just thrilled with all of the love that we are getting - please don’t stop loving our lip balms!

NeatoStuffNeatostuff recently hailed Pin Up Balm as “Awesome retro designs and quality lip balm”. is a great place to find, “Neat Stuff”, I’ve actually got my eye on NYC’s Subway Line’s All Over Brooklyn Subway Map Hoodie (Sold out - need I say more?) - sorry gotta represent Brooklyn, Brooklyn - Always Funky Presh! So, needless to say we are honored to accept’s entry into their collection.

Blooming LilyBlooming Lily is a great blog where Laurie Warshawsky’s gives us today’s lowdown on beauty, fashion and jewelry. It truly reflects editorial savy on some great products including our very own Pin Up Balms. Laurie is addicted to lip balms - we love that - and has officially named Pin up Balms “one of her new favorites!” we love that too!”

Vintage Shopping GuideVintage Shopping Guide recommends Pin Up Lip Balm for an au naturale look that shows off your glowing skin this summer as well as your personal flair for vintage.  The reo pin-up style of our slide-top tins are downright glamorous - quench your thirst!

Alicia's Fashion BloggAlicia’s fashion calls our pin-up lip balms - “sweeet boxes”.  Thank you for the love for Pin Up Lip Balm Sweden!

Caminetica loves Pin up Lip BalmCamionetica loves Pin up Balms vintage design and sensuality that it brings to the lips, as well as the great kisses you can get with our wonderful assortment of flavors. Gracias Camionetica!

Mom finds lip balmMomAnne noted Pin Up Lip Balms as a “flavorful lip balm under $5.00 worth trying”. Read more on which lip balm is her favorite flavor!

Retro pin up lip balmRead sandielaw’s recommendation of Pin up Lip Balm which make them a “must have”!